The latest Zune news

Microsoft Zune

Zune news and rumours continue unabated. Here is some of the latest.

Gizmodo sources suggest that the Zune launch date will be around the US Thanksgiving weekend (November 14 to 17 dates are suggested). The Zune will likely come with a 30GB hard drive. A second model with a 60GB hard drive is also a possibility. It will be available in black, brown, and cotton colour options. It could also sport an FM tuner.

If you still aren’t getting enough Zune news, check out the Zune Insider, maintained by Microsoft blogger Cesar Menendez.

Microsoft has responded to earlier rumours that Microsoft would abandon the PlayForSure program. Essentially, Microsoft is not abandoning the program and will continue to offer it to third-party music player manufacturers. On the other hand, the Zune development team has not specifically said whether or not the Zune will participate in the program.