The Tancher Mago Smartphone: Almost nothing missing

Tancher Mago

The Tancher Mago Smartphone is not out yet but it sure is creating a buzz! Designed by Russian firm MaslovDesign Studio for MagoMobile in the UK, this Smartphone promises to include almost everything we’ve ever wanted in a Smartphone. Powrered by Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC, it is a quadband GSM phone (what about EDGE< or UMTS?) with Bluetooth 1.2, 802.11b WiFi, 128MB RAM and 128MB ROM, a 2.8-inch QVGA touch screen, USB 2.0, a 624MHz XScale processor, SD/MMC/nini-SD support and a backlit keypad.

Made with advanced materials, hi-tech aerospace technologies and special scratch resistant coatings, it weighs in at 215 grams and measures 134 x 55 x 15mm, making it quite long.

Interested? Then you’d better start saving your pennies as the price tag could be as high as € 3600! And be patient, no release date has been announced despite the fact that working prototypes were delivered back in August 2005.

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