Weekend fun: 3D Constructo Combat

3D Constructo Combat

If shooting fish is not your thing, how about a game where you try to build different buildings while trying to prevent your opponents from doing the same? 3D Constructo Combat is a 3D game (as the title implies) where you use your grapple to shoot down your opponent and build the most buildings to get the highest score before time runs out to win!

3D Constructo Combat also comes a multiplayer Bluetooth mode (with devices such as the Moto Q, Nokia 3250, 6682, N72 and others), different weapons such as stun missile and demo bomb, balloons that you can attach to objects or your opponents to watch them float away, and intuitive game controls.

3D Constructo Combat is available for $19.99 USD for Windows Mobile 5 devices ($14.99 USD for Smartphones and $9.99 USD for Symbian S60 devices) from our affiliate Clickgamer. A trial version is also available.

Note: Only Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphones and higher end WM 5.0 Pocket PC devices are supported.

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