Weekend fun: Big Box of Blox

Big Box of Blox

Astraware has released Big Box of Blox, a block stacking game taken to outrageous extremes. As three-blox-high stacks fall down, it’s up to you to arrange them in groups of three so that they disappear from the board. So far, it sounds a lot like Tetris. But it’s not: Don’t just stack the blox. Smash them, blast them, mutate them or explode them in a shower of flames! Use special blox including jokers, bombs, frogs, mushrooms, fireballs and slot machines to clear the board before it reaches the top! The game comes with five game modes: Flaming Peelout, Blok Atak, Groink, Mushroom King and Asylum Cubez. You can also create your own combination using the special Custom Mode.

Big Box of Blox is available for the Pocket PC, Smartphone and Palm OS for $19.95 USD from our affiliate Clickgamer. A trial version is also available.

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