Weekend fun: Sudoku Master II with 50 percent discount

Sudoku Master II

If you still don’t have a Sudoku game on your Pocket PC, the recently released Sudoku Master II is currently on sale for $9.95 USD instead of $19.95 USD. One interesting feature that differentiates it from many other Sudoku games out there is the online competitive and cooperative play with up to 4 live players from around the world, in real time. Enter Sudoku tournaments and compete to become the real Sudoku Master. Of course, you can still play alone, with literally billions of original Sudoku puzzles and a fun Story mode where you solve puzzles to save the world!

It also includes features like the Diabolical difficulty level, a single player story mode, and all the features from the first version of Sudoku Master: advanced pencil marks, cross-hatching, hints, detailed statistics, custom puzzles and more.

Sudoku Master II is currently available for $9.95 USD from our affiliate Pocketgear. A trial version is available directly from Real Dice Inc.

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