16GB SDHC cards are here – for a price


If you have outgrown your 4GB SDHC card, start saving your pennies as 16GB SDHC cards are on their way. I’ve never heard of MICRODIA but they have been around since 1992. They’re about to release several lines of SDHC cards, including one that tops out at 16GB! Speedwise, one version will be an 82x card (Class 4) and the second will be a 160x card (Class 6). Unfortunately, this kind of storage and performance will come at a price: The Class 6 card will sell for about $3500 USD.

If this is a little too steep, MICRODIA is also planning to release 4 and 8GB cards running at 52x, 82x and 160x.

The MICRODIA cards will be available later this month in Japan.

Source: Engadget

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