2008 Toshiba Portege roadmap revealed (and includes G920)

On the heels of the FCC posting details about the upcoming Toshiba G910 and G920 smartphones comes a picture of the Toshiba 2008 roadmap for its entire Portege PDA phone. The roadmap was presented during a presentation in Russia.

The G920 appears to be scheduled for a first quarter release. The roadmap also reveals a Portege G930 scheduled for early fourth quarter.

The roadmap also reveals more devices coming from Toshiba. A G800 should follow later in the first quarter. Details are slim but it will have a stylus, suggesting another Windows Mobile 6 Professional device. Two candybar devices with GPS will also appear. The first, the G710, is expected early in the year with a G720 successor scheduled for the last quarter of the year. Lastly, there is a Portege G450 USB modem phone scheduled for the first quarter.

With CES 2008 only weeks away, I suspect that we will find out more details about some of these fairly quickly.

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