Spb Software House 2007 survey results are in

Spb Survey

The results are in from the fourth annual Spb Software House Windows Mobile Survey. The Spb Survey is a means of gathering feedback from the active members of the Windows Mobile community, measuring change in that segment of the mobile market, and sharing the observations with the public. The number of participants in Spb Survey 2007 almost doubled in comparison with the last year’s results. This trend may be a natural side-effect of the impressive growth rate of the Windows Mobile market itself. Moreover, this year’s survey was extended to Smartphone users, and they chose not to remain silent to the offer.

Among the key findings of the survey are the following:

  • A wide diversification in the devices used, so much so, that no single model can be set aside as the leader
  • HTC emerged as the preferred device manufacturer among respondents
  • More users worry about data security, turning in ever greater numbers to third-party backup solutions (at the expense of built-in backup programs
  • The number of users going online with the mobile devices continues to grow
  • 11 percent of users have purchased software online using

As in past years, Spb Software House has posted the survey results online.

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