Alarm clocks worthy of a monday morning

Grenade Alarm

Monday morning again. Did you have trouble getting up this morning? Not a morning person at the best of times? Here is an alarm clock that might help. The Flying Alarm Clock will not only emit a shrill alarm think Star Trek red alert siren) but a propeller-driven part of it will actually fly off. In order to shut off the alarm, you will need to locate the propeller and return it to the base unit.

The Flying Alarm Clock is available for about $40 USD from

If it’s a partner or your kids that are difficult to wake up, consider the Grenade Alarm. Pull the pin and throw the grenade in the room of the person who is yet to rise (despite your repeated attempts at getting them out of bed) and, twenty seconds later, the grenade will ‘explode’ and emit a particularly loud and annoying sound. To turn the grenade off, the pin must be reinserted!

Flying Alarm Clock

The Grenade Alarm is available for about $33 USD from

You no longer have any excuse for not being on time on Monday morning!