Another camera tripod alternative: The camera stabilising bag

Camera stabilising bag

I covered The Pod, a tripod alternative, back in January. Here is another option: The Camera Stabilising bag. When you need it, you simply pull it out of its storage sack, turn it inside out, and fill it up with sand, dirt, rocks or whatever is conveniently nearby. In fact, there are two compartments with the second acting as a lens support to provide another degree of stability. Once you have snapped that classic picture, you empty it, turn it outside in and fold it away into a package the size of a tennis ball.

It is made of waterproof nylon and comes with an inbuilt waterproof travel pouch. Filled up, it measures 22cm long and 21cm wide, providing a generous surface for your camera and lens.

Available in black, navy blue, or dark green, the camera stabilising bag sells for £24.99 (about $50 USD).

Source: Gizmodo

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