Apple iTunes 7.2 ready for DRM-free music (Updated)


Apple has released iTunes 7.2. The biggest change is the addition of iTunes Plus, the new 256Kbps DRM-free music Apple first announced with EMI back in April.

After upgrading, I checked out the iTunes store but no DRM-free music is available yet. It looks like they have not updated their catalog yet though as the free download is still last week’s. Perhaps Apple is waiting until Steve Jobs has made an announcement today at the D: All Things Digital Conference.

The Help file does indicate that you will be able to upgrade older purchases (if a DRM-free version is available). Instructions on how to do so should appear when you visit the iTunes store (but I did not see any this morning).

Update: iTunes Plus is now showing up on the US and Canada iTunes stores. In Canada, iTunes Plus songs cost CA$1.39 instead of US$1.29 in the United States.

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