Gadgetorama reviews Spb AirIslands

Spb AirIslands

If your world broke into thousands of small islands in the sky, would you have what it takes to help restore the world to its former glory? Before you answer that question for yourself, check out Gadgetorama’s latest review: Spb AirIslands from Spb Software House. Spb AirIslands brings together elements from a number of different game genres. First, it is a simulation game where you develop your island by collecting resources that you use to develop your island. It adds an element of arcade games with its supporting games that you play to collect the resources. It also connects you to the Spb AirIsland online community where you can contribute to the reconstruction of the entire world.

Does Spb AirIslands deliver? Find out in our latest review.

I’m also hoping to get reviews back on a more regular schedule (it’s been six months since the last review). With a bit of luck, I will have the next review up next month.

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