Bell announces HTC Touch with $7 unlimited data plan

The rumours last week about Bell introducing a new CAD$7 data plan with the HTC Touch have been confirmed. Bell today launched the HTC Touch smartphone, offering clients the ability to add unlimited access to the Internet and email for just $7 a month.

With Bell Mobility’s mobile browser feature, clients can add unlimited access to the Internet and email to their HTC Touch for just $7 per month. They can visit popular Web sites like Facebook, chat with friends on Windows Live Messenger, or access email accounts (including Windows Live Hotmail, Sympatico, Google Mail and Yahoo! Mail) without additional charges.

Pricing information reported earlier was a bit off though. Without a contract, the Touch will sell for CAD$399.95. This falls to CAD$149.95 with a three year plan.

I hope that this marks the arrival of more reasonable wireless data plans in Canada from all players in the market. If not, I may be switching over to Bell sooner than later!

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