Weekend fun: Snowed In 6 – Deep Freeze

Snowed In 6

Clickgamer continues its yearly tradition of offering a new edition of its free Snowed In game for the holidays. It’s FREE-zing! Celebrate Xmas 2007 with Clickgamer.com’s new DEEP FREEZE game. Totally FREE until 15 Jan 2008! This year, Christmas Wonderland is frozen over and the Grinch has returned. It’s up to you to help Santa assemble all his goodies and put the freeze on the Grinch.

The game features two game modes, bonus eye-candy action, a hint system, and online high score boards where you can represent your country. It is available for a wide variety of mobile devices including Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphones and various versions of the Symbian operating system.

Snowed in 6 is available for free from November 15th 2007 to January 15th 2008 from our affiliate Clickgamer.

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