Best selling Moto RAZR spawns RAZR2

Motorola RAZR2

Motorola unveiled the RAZR2 today. It succeeds one of the best selling mobile phone ever, the RAZR. Several variants will be available: the V9 3G HSDPA version, the V9 EV-DO CDMA model and the V8 GSM/EDGE version.

Thinner by about 2 millimeters than its predecessor (some variants excepted), it comes with a 2-inch external screen with haptics technology to provide users with vibrating feedback to finger taps and a 2.2-inch internal screen with twice the resolution of the original RAZR, a much faster ARM processor, USB 2.0, up to 2GB of memory, a 2MP camera, and stereo Bluetooth. A stainless steel internal frame provides strength and rigidity. The external lens is made with chemically treated glass to better resist scratches. It also comes with Motorola’s Motorola’s CrystalTalk technology that can automatically adjust audio in response to ambient noise. The RAZR2 V8 will come with the Motorola Java Linux platform.

The GSM version is expected to start shipping in July with CDMA models following up later in the summer.

Plenty of pictures of the RAZR2 are available at Engadget Mobile.

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