Apple updates MacBook notebook line

Apple MacBook

Apple has updated its MacBook notebook lineup. The new models feature faster Intel Core 2 Duo processors, 1GB of memory and larger hard drives. One white model features a 2.0GHz processor and an 80GB hard drive ($1099 USD or $1249 CAD) and the second one comes with a 2.16GHz processor and a 120GB hard drive ($1299 USD or $1449 CAD). The black version comes with a 2.16GHz processor and a 160GB hard drive ($1499 USD or $1649 CAD). All three come with a 13.3-inch screen (1280×800), 1GB RAM, built-in iSight video camera, 802.11n wireless networking, Apple’s MagSafe Power Adapter and iLife ’06.

The new models are already available on the Apple online store.

An update to the MacBook Pro lineup is expected later on and could feature LED backlight displays among the updates.

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