blueChute: Another electronic ink concept device

The blueChute e-ink device is only a concept at this time but it does highlight that the technology continues to make great strides. Developed by E Ink, the blueChute tablet features a 6-inch 800×600 display (a 9.7-inch 1200×825 version is also planned) and is just over 5mm thick. Its complete functionality is yet to be decided upon but the intent is to come up with a device that is ultrathin, lightweight and fairly rugged. It is expected features include a microSD slot, Bluetooth, and the ability to do email and get daily updates on weather, news and other information (via a cell phone for example).

bluechute e-ink reader

Unfortunately, the software needed to run such a device has not been written and probably won’t ever get written.

Source: Engadget

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