Peraves Monotracer: Fully enclosed motorcycle

Peraves Monotrace

Unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show, the Peraves Monotracer is a motorcycle that also features many of the luxuries normally found only in cars. Unlike most motorcycles, the Monotracer fully encloses the driver in an aerodynamic monocoque made of glass, kevlar and carbon-weave bonded together and reinforced with roll bars. Large enough for two people seated in tandem on Recaro-seats, it comes with a gull-wing door with integrated sunroof and options like air conditioning, GPS, an audio system, xenon headlights and ABS.

Powered by a 130hp BMW engine, it can reach speeds of about 250kph (155mph). Like a motorbike, it can lean into turns but at if the angle gets too steep, small recessed wheels will lower themselves to add stability. The same wheels also work at low speeds. The driver steers using handlebars.

It will be available in Europe for a base price of 52,500€ (about $68,500 USD) but only 100 will be made each year.

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