Fake Steve Jobs revealed

I have really been enjoying the blog called The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, written by Fake Steve Jobs. The blog kept everyone guessing for the last 14 months as Fake Steve Jobs took potshots at Bill Gates known (Beastmaster), Google CEO Eric E. Schmidt (Squirrel Boy), journalists, and last but not least Steve Jobs himself. Well no more as Brad Stone of the New York Times outed Fake Steve Jobs as Daniel Lyons, a senior editor at Forbes magazine.

How does Fake Steve feel about being unmasked? Well, tip of the hat to you, Brad Stone. You did the sleuthing. You put the pieces of the puzzle together. You went through my trash, hacked into my computer, and put listening devices in my home. Now you’ve ruined the mystery of Fake Steve, robbing thousands of people around the world of their sense of childlike wonder. Hope you feel good about yourself, you mangina. One bright side is that at least I was busted by the Times and not Valleywag. I really, really enjoyed seeing those guys keep guessing wrong.

It remains to be seen what will happen to the blog now but it looks like Fake Steve is not going anywhere just yet. Well, I’m taking a few days off to sit in a lake and do some yoga and meditation and non-thinking. Then I’m coming back next week, badder than ever.

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