Qualcomm 3G chipset import ban one step closer

A ban on 3G devices using Qualcomm chips is about to take effect after the US Federal administration decided not to veto the International Trade Commission decision made back in June. The chipsets in question have been found to infringe on a number of Broadcom Corp. patents.

Qualcomm has already indicated that it will work on another appeal and stay requeest with the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. The first appeal had been denied as the court waited for a federal administration decision. It is also working on updated software to get around the patents.

The ban now should go into effect starting Tuesday August 7th.

Verizon has already worked out a deal with Broadcom whereby it will pay US$6 for every device that it imports that uses the Qualcomm 3G chipsets to ensure that the ban does not deprive it of these devices. Sprint, AT&T and smaller players are also looking at their options.

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