Future Nokia 3G chipsets to come from STMicroelectronics

Nokia announced that STMicroelectronics will design and build 3G chipsets using Nokia modem technologies as well as energy management and RF (radio frequency) technology. Nokia has also awarded ST a design win of an advanced 3G HSPA (high-speed packet access) chipset supporting high data rates, which would be the first contribution of the acquired IC design operations. This design win represents ST’s first win of a complete 3G chipset.

In a separate press release about its chipset development strategy, Nokia also announced that it would be working with a total of four chipset suppliers going forward. Aside from STMicroelectronics, Broadcom will supply EDGE chipsets and GSM chipsets will be provided by Infineon Technologies. Texas Instruments will continue to be a broad scope supplier across all protocols but today’s announcement is still a big blow as it had been Nokia’s sole 3G and EDGE chipset supplier.

With these announcements, Nokia is exiting the chip business and will instead license out its technology.

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