Gadgetorama iPAQ recovering

iPAQ hx2400

Yesterday, as I was waiting for an appointment, I discovered that my iPAQ hx2450 would not power up. It was completely dead. My first guess was that the battery was completely drained (I knew it was pretty low). When I got home, I confirmed my guess. The unit rebooted when I docked it to charge but I quickly noticed that it was not charging (no flashing amber light and a battery meter stubbornly stuck on 0 percent). Fortunately, I was able to resolve the issue – I needed to reset calibration of the battery with the unit (basically, a hard reset followed by a soft reset). My iPAQ is now flashing amber as it charges now (17% already).

Most of my data is regularly backed up but I did lose two already much overdue reviews that I was working on. I will have to be more careful to ensure that the battery does run down completely in the future (and that I backup reviews too)! I also really need to get myself a new Windows Mobile 6.0 device!

The patient is now showing 23 percent battery power and a full recovery is expected shortly!