Specs on upcoming HTC devices


We all know that HTC has more devices in the pipeline for 2007. Specification information has surfaced, courtesy of PdaDB.net, a repository of PDA specs, for a number of these. Among the latest additions to the HTC lineup, you will see the HTC 4550 (codenamed Kaiser and intended as the TyTN successor), the HTC 3450 (codename Elf), the Dopod D600 (HTC Gene), HTC S730 (codename Wings), the HTC S630 (codename Cavalier), HTC S420 clamshell Smartphone (codename Erato), and the HTC P6500 (codename Sirius) which I had not heard of before.

Most will run Windows Mobile (either Standard or Professional) but the HTC Gene 100 is listed as a Windows Mobile 5.0 device.

Keep in mind that these devices have not been announced by HTC so specs could still change.

Source: Pocket PC Thoughts

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