Google Android mobile phone software on Monday?


CNet is reporting that Google will unveil its new open-source mobile phone platform on Monday. Codenamed Android, it is expected to be “a complete mobile-phone software stack” built on a Linux-based operating system. Google will also announce a global alliance called the Open Handset Alliance. Among its members are companies Qualcomm, HTC, Intel, Motorola and Sprint. The Wall Street Journal adds that Google and T-Mobile have been working together for months. Earlier rumours also have Google working closely with HTC on hardware prototypes.

Android was the name of a mobile phone software company that Google acquired in 2005. It appears that the solution Google will unveil has its roots in that acquisition.

As mentioned earlier, Google plans to release the platform into the open source community, possibly under the Apache 2.0 license.

As for when devices using the Google mobile phone software could arrive, anytime before mid-2008 appears unlikely.

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