Graphic novels coming to the iPod: Jonas Moore

The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore

The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore will blend elements of comic books, 3D animation, live action photography, newsreel archive and an original music score to deliver a graphic novel designed specifically for the iPod and other media players. The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore is a trilogy set in a time where the British Empire has never ended and America is just a virtual world hosted on a vast global game network, Jonas Moore, a character personally created by the network’s founder, is thrown into a world where characters, creatures and monsters are all slaves to the gamers from the real world.

The project will also let its readers become creators by providing them with sample media, music, characters that they will be able to use in their own stories.

Sponsored by Triumph Motorcycles, The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore is also an experiment in branded content. The average Mac has everything pre-loaded on it for you to go for it. Jonas Moore is also a wake up call to the global brand directors – realize that the media agencies are not experts on the web or its content. It is time for the brands to support the global community of creatives and say goodbye to the global media agency dinosaurs and their expense accounts.

A 15 minute preview is expected in June and the first full episode will follow in late 2007.

It will be interesting to see how they convert the graphic novel with its panels that can be laid out in infinitely different ways into an experience that works on a tiny screen.

Source: The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

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