Holiday gaming console results are in

Nintendo Wii

NPD Group has released the sales figures of US video game consoles for the holiday season that just wrapped up. At the top of the pile is the Nintendo DS which sold 1.6 million units in December. Focusing on the consoles at home space, the PS2 outsold its newer rivals with 1.4 million units sold. Among the new consoles, the Xbox 360 (1.1 million) trounced the Wii (604,200) and the PS3 (490,700).

Demand for the Wii remains extremely high, suggesting that Nintendo sales will remain strong this year. It appears that the PS3 will have the toughest road ahead with its high price, production issues and lack of a blockbuster game title (the Xbox 360’s Gears of War was the best-selling game in December) conspiring against it.

NPD sees the new console race as just starting. 2007 should be an interesting one as Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony duke it out.

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