Weekend fun: Fade – with 75 percent discount


Fade is not a new game but if you’ve held off getting it, perhaps a 75 percent discount will convince you it’s time to check it out.

Louis lives a happy life in a small village with his wife Anne. But what lies behind? Louis knows severals problems related to his past: he has amnesia, has strange dreams every night, experiences somnambulism crisis, follows a treatment for his daily headaches, and most of all, is in a very bad financial position. When his richest customer, Mr Belleville, offers him a mysterious job, he has no choice but to accept without hesitation. But soon, he’ll get into a sinister adventure that goes behind his understanding, with conspiracy, betrayal, and strange happenings. Against his will, Louis will fall into this infernal spiral to solve the deepest mystery ever, and meet his final destiny, no matter what the price may be…

Fade is a graphical adventure game that features dozens of characters, dozens of puzzles to solve, over 20 hours of gameplay and three save slots to save your progress.

Fade is currently available for $7.50 USD from our affiliate Clickgamer. A trial version is also available.

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