HTC to lose HP and other OEM contracts?


Taiwan’s DigiTimes is reporting that HTC will see a decrease in its OEM/ODM orders in 2007. First HP is expected to end its relationship with HTC for Pocket PC devices in the second half of the year. Future HP devices (as well as some current ones) will come from Quanta Computer, Electronics and CMCS (Chi Mei Communication Systems). The last is expected to ship its first HP-branded devices by the end of 2007.

Palm is also expected to reduce its HTC orders in favour of Inventec Appliances. Inventec should ship up to 2 million Palm Treo smartphones, including both Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices.

In 2006, HTC lost OEM contracts with i-mate and O2 Asia Pacific, at least in part due to its decision to launch devices under its own brand.

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