iPhone operating system share at 0.09 percent

Apple iPhone

The latest Internet marketshare survey by Net Applications shows that the Apple iPhone accounted for 0.09 percent of the total operating system market share used to surf the web in November 2007. Add in 0.01 percent marketshare for the iPod (namely the iPod touch) and you reach the nice even number of 0.1 percent marketshare. That number may not appear impressive at first until you realize that it means that about 1 in 1000 web pages are read on an iPhone or iPod touch.

More impressive is how this number compares to that of Windows CE (Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and smartphones) devices. While Windows CE has been around for a number of years, it only has a 0.06 percent marketshare. The iPhone is still in its first year of release and has already eclipsed that number.

The numbers also highlight the fact that people want to browse the web on their mobile devices. Give them a browser that works easily and an unlimited data plan and they will make use of them.

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