More rumours about Apple subnotebook and 3G iPhone


In a report that aired today on CNBC, sources close to Apple were reported to confirm that Apple will launch its rumoured sub-notebook at MacWorld 2008. The new notebook will apparently be about 50 percent thinner than current MacBook Pros and will use Flash memory instead of a traditional hard drive. The report also suggests that it would come with a 12-inch display whereas earlier rumours had it sporting a 13.3-inch display. Also interesting is that Apple could sell the new notebook for as low as USD$1500.

The report also went on to indicate that the 3G iPhone could be introduced as early as late May or early June 2008, contrary to recent rumours placing the release at closer to the end of 2008.

Note: The ‘More information’ link will take you to the CNBC video.

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