iPhone OtterBox Defender Case now available

iPhone OtterBox Defender Case

OtterBox has announced its first case for the Apple iPhone. Satisfying the need for protection without compromising style, this “skin on steroids” offers interaction with volume control, camera, touch-screen and phone functions in an attractive new line known as the Defender Series.

The Defender Series is a new line for OtterBox. “Traditionally our OtterBox for iPod line has been completely rugged, but when the iPhone was introduced we wanted to offer an option that paralleled the look of the device while still providing protection from drops, dust and scratches,” said Curt Richardson, CEO of Otter Products, LLC.

The OtterBox for iPhone Defender case accommodates both 4GB and 8GB versions and protects the entire device while still allowing it to be completely useable through a patented touch-screen membrane. Its slim design protects from accidental drops and bumps as well as dust and light water intrusion (the case is not waterproof). The external silicone jacket improves grip. Almost all functions (sync/charge, headphone jack, volume controls, sleep/wake, home buttons and proximity sensor) are available through the case. The Silence switch is not usable through the case. The case also comes with a swivel belt clip.

The OtterBox for iPhone Defender is available for US$49.95 directly from OtterBox. It is available in black on black or yellow on black.

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