HTC S730 comes with built-in GPS

HTC S730Product details leaked earlier in the year suggested that the HTC S730 (Wings) would come with GPS. So people were surprised when it was announced and there was no mention of GPS. Fortunately, Smartphone Thoughts did a little investigating and has confirmed with its HTC sources that the S730 does have GPS built-in. Unfortunately, built-in here does not mean the same as active and supported.

My sourece [sic] tells me that the s730 is using the Qualcomm MSM7200 chipset so there is a GPS onboard. There is also an antenna on that GPS. However, it is not something that HTC is supporting. That means that there is no software to ‘enhance’ the connection or useability of that GPS. But it is there and can be used.

There are a number of reports of people being able to use the GPS, including one from Superior Gadgets News (using a pre-preproduction unit).

HTC did something similar with the HTC P3600 (Trinity) when it came out. Leaks indicated that it would support GPS but when it came out, it did not support it despite having the necessary hardware. HTC later released a ROM upgrade that enabled that functionality. Perhaps a similar move is in the making here…

Source : Smartphone Thoughts