iPod case also works as a stand

Brenthaven Flip Case

You may never have to hold your iPod in your hand or have to fashion a home-made cradle from items on your desk when you want to watch a video. Brenthaven has come up with an iPod case that also works as an iPod stand. Simply slip the iPod out of the case, flip the case around and insert the iPod into the slot and it will stay upright without you needing anything other than the case.

The Brenthaven Flip Case is made of Napa leather and the hard-shell design and plastic screen cover offer maximum protection for your iPod while all ports remain accessible for charging or syncing. You can choose black with a lime lining or brown with a blue lining. It is available for either the 30GB iPod or the 60/80GB version only.

The Brenthaven Flip Case is available for US$24.95 directly from Brenthaven.

Source: Popgadget

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