Greenlight Wireless Skweezes Its 150 Millionth Page


Skweezer is a free web portal/browsing service that reformats web pages for devices such as PDAs to improve their legibility and making them faster to load. The service includes an e-mail client, RSS reader, address book, site directory, and other useful features designed specifically for the mobile environment. Skweezer is completely platform-independent and can be accessed from Pocket PC, Palm, MS Smartphone, Blackberry, Symbian, PSP2, and WAP 2.0 compliant devices.

I’ve mentioned them in the past and yesterday they announced that the service has now skweezed its 150 millionth page. Impressive!

Skweezer 4.0 is currently in beta testing and should be available later this month. Skweezer has been significantly updated to incorporate its latest device recognition and application scaling technologies. New features include an innovative user-interface, image optimization, a state-of the-art search platform, and even faster page-loading speeds.

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