Is the Palm Treo 800w coming in September?

A Verizon timetable that has been posted on Howard Forums shows a Palm Treo 800w coming in September (after being pushed back from August). Little is known about this device (codenamed Vincent) but, based on current naming conventions, it will be a Windows Mobile device.

Brighthand conjectures that the Treo 800w could be a Windows Mobile 6 Professional replacement for the Treo 700wx or it could be new CDMA-based antenna-less device. It could all be a hoax too.

It’s not the first time that we have seen rumours of a Treo 800 device but last time it was to have been a Palm OS device.

The leaked document also shows release dates for the Treo 755p and Samsung i760 in early July and the UTS Libra SMT 5800 and UTS Titan (XV6800) later the same month.

Source: Brighthand

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