Late 2007 for next generation video iPod?

AppleInsider is reporting that a sixth-generation of its flagship video iPod music player could come as late as third quarter 2007 or even early 2008. Much of the reason can be laid at the feet of the upcoming iPhone. While plans by Apple to deliver a widescreen video iPod are almost certain, Apple does not want a new video iPod to divert any attention (and sales) from the iPhone. This suggests that the new video iPod will share the iPhone’s touchscreen interface.

The challenge facing Apple is how to differentiate the two devices. It is expected that the two devices could sell for very similar prices if the iPhone comes with subsidies or complimentary wireless service packages. If so, Apple is worried that this would dilute the value of the iPhone to customers.

And what about the rest of the iPod lineup? There is still that rumour of an all-flash memory lineup floating about.

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