McLaren Mercedes F1 phones from Vodafone

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes GX29

The Formula 1 season is not quite here yet (It kicks off March 18th in Australia). But Vodaphone has unveiled three new handsets to celebrates its new partnership with the new Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team, new because Vodafone is the new title sponsor of the McLaren team that can trace its roots back to 1963.

The three handsets are the 3G Sharp 770SH and 2G Sharp GX29 (both clamshells) and the 3G/HSDPA Samsung SGH-Z720M slider rebadged in the chrome silver and red branding of the McLaren team. The phones will also come with special Vodafone McLaren Mercedes content, including video clips and images of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes racing car in the new 2007 livery as well as a sleek menu design, special ring tones and a racing game.

Check out the ‘More information’ link for specs on the phones.

The phones are now on sale in some Vodafone Operating Companies.

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