Flash players and Europe next for the Microsoft Zune?


A recent interview with Chris Stephenson, the Zune’s marketing chief, has revealed some interesting details about what Microsoft is planning for its Zune in 2007.

First, the Zune Social could grow to include Europe by the end of the year. While specific countries were not disclosed, the release would coincide with the holiday season though. Between now and then, Microsoft plans to hold some focus groups to determine how the Zune might be modified for the European market.

By the end of the year, we should also see additional Zune devices, including a flash-based one, as well as new features (improved sharing, over-the-air downloads?).

Somewhere further down the line, we could also see a truly WiFi-enabled device. Hopefully, this does not mean that current Zune owners would need to go out and buy a second device but would simply need to update their firmware to gain the same functionality.

Source: Engadget

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