Meizu MiniOne specs

Meizu MiniOne

The Meizu MiniOne sure looks a lot like the upcoming Apple iPhone. Looks (and potential copyright infringements aside), the specs for this GSM/EDGE/WCDMA smartphone are out. Powered by a Samsung 533MHz processor and Windows CE 6 (not to be confused with Windows Mobile 6). It will come with 128MB RAM, a 3.3-inch 720×480 resolution touchscreen, two cameras (VGA in front and 3MP on the back), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, integrated GPS, DMB TV tuner, and support for a host of audio and video formats.

The MiniOne will be offered with either 4GB of flash memory and a 16GB version.

The lower capacity version will sell for about US$260 and the larger for about US$450.

Source: Uberphones

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