Sync Windows Mobile 2 with Windows Mobile with BirdieSync

There are alternatives to Microsoft Outlook. I know, shocking but true. If you use the Thunderbird 2 (and possibly Lightning or Sunbird) on your PC, you can now synchronize your contacts, appointments, tasks and mails with Pocket Outlook on your mobile device with BirdieSync. Based on ActiveSync technology and the Windows Mobile Device Center, items are synchronized as soon as your mobile is connected to your PC. Every creation, modification or deletion of a contact, appointment, task or mail on one of the devices are automatically transferred to the other one. So you only have one address book and calendar to manage and you can consult and manage your mails on your mobile. Your information is always up to date.

BirdieSync works on Windows XP and Windows Vista, Pocket PC 2003 and 5.0, Smartphone 2003 and 5.0 on “unlocked” mobiles with ARM processors.

BirdieSync is available for €19.95 (about US$27). A 21-day trial version is also available.

Source: MoDaCo

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