No more Pandora in Canada as of tomorrow

Back in early May, Pandora announced that it would start blocking users who were from outside the US. Last night, I got the email that Canada would be blocked as of May 16th. Pandora is an online streaming radio that I have been listening to for quite a while. Through it I have discovered a number of new artists and purchased some of their music. Once again, the music industry demonstrates its ability to only think shortsightedly.

There had been some hope that blocking Canada would not be necessary but that is not to be. We had been hopeful that the licensing situation with our Northern friends might have some hope of imminent resolution. However, after a tough week, and in the wake of the substantial attention the blocking has clearly brought to this issue, it’s been made clear to us that we cannot continue streaming into Canada.

Get your fix today, Canada! Tomorrow, it will be gone…

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