O2 plans four new devices by end of 2007


A report from the DigiTimes indicates that O2 Asia will release four new models by the end of 2007. All will be Windows Mobile 6 devices. One will be a 2.5G device and the other three will all support 3.5G. Integrated GPS capabilities could be bundled in two of these as well.

O2 is dropping Asustek as one of its ODMs because the company uses Intel 3G chipsets which are slower than those from Qualcomm according to DigiTimes sources. The new devices will be supplied by Gigabyte Communications, Quanta Computer and Arima Communications, all of which are already O2 ODMs.

The ODMs will also continue to supply existing devices: Quanta for the Xda Atom Life, Arima for the Xda Flame and Gigabyte for the Xda Stealth.

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