Pictures of Windows Mobile Standard 6.1?

Windows Mobile

We just got word about the new version of Windows Mobile. Now, The Boy Genius just got himself a new Motorola Q9 with Wi-Fi and, surprise surprise, it comes loaded with Windows Mobile 6.1 (I’m guessing that it’s a beta version). A picture gallery with some 100 pictures of the new version of Windows Mobile is already up for your perusing pleasure.

What does the new version of Windows Mobile Standard come with? How about:

  • Copy and Paste
  • The ability to enroll in a network domain
  • A new home screen with the ability to pan through missed calls and email and SMS notifications
  • Recent programs show up in the Start menu
  • Threaded SMS
  • Auto-completion for the To: field when composing emails
  • And still more

And what’s this about a Motorola Q9 with Wi-Fi?

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