Skweezer 4.0 launches


Skweezer has released a major upgrade to its free service that reformat web pages for mobile devices to improve their legibility and to make them faster to load. Skweezer has been updated from top to bottom with one goal in mind: to get users to the content they’re looking for as quickly as possible. To that end, the user interface has been redesigned to reduce keystrokes and take advantage of “hot key” navigation that utilizes a phone’s keypad. Skweezer will now also use a robust, new search system to provide highly relevant Web searches across multiple mobile device platforms. Skweezer’s code-base and hosting infrastructure have been updated to provide the fastest Skweezer ever.

Skweezer 4.0 comes with a number of new features:

  • A completely redesigned search system that takes into account mobile device type, user location and other factors when it delivers search results
  • A find in page feature that lets you jump to specific content on a web page
  • A new image optimization technology that can reduce content down to only 4 percent of its non-optimized size
  • Improved device-recognition technology for more accurate page-splitting of content for low-memory cell phones
  • Feature that detects mobile-friendly Web sites so they won’t be reformatted (though image, GZIP, and other optimization will still be applied)
  • Skweezer now passes the mobile user-agent to sites that redirect mobile users to handheld-friendly versions of content
  • Improved handling of frames, iframes, forms, scripts and other potentially troublesome elements

Skweezer is completely platform-independent and can be accessed from Pocket PC, Palm, MS Smartphone, Blackberry, Symbian, PSP2, and WAP 2.0 compliant devices.

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