Spb Software House unveils Spb Kiosk 4.0 for enterprises

Spb Kiosk

Spb Sofware House has released Spb Kiosk 4.0, its enterprise-oriented application to configure Pocket PC devices. Pocket PC is a feature rich device with many built-in programs, games, multimedia features and so one. However, in the enterprise world most of these features are not needed and very often must be disabled. The main goal of Spb Kiosk is to lock Pocket PC to applications required by an enterprise, thus converting a generic Pocket PC device into a specialized enterprise tool. With it, you can apply kernel-level application blocks and lock the Control Panel applet, Taskbar and Start menu for example.

The Kiosk Builder allows a device administrator to configure Spb Kiosk. The Kiosk Builder will then produce a customized CAB file which can then deployed to as many devices as needed. Once deployed on a device, Spb Kiosk will manage access and permissions appropriately.

Spb Kiosk 4.0 adds full Windows Mobile 5.0 support, improved performance and battery life in kiosk mode, a battery indicator, a Kiosk Start menu, customizable icons and background in Kiosk Switcher, a URL filter, true full screen mode for Terminal Services Client and more.

Spb Kiosk is available in three versions. The first, Spb Kiosk Explorer, provides a kiosk mode for Pocket Internet Explorer and is available for $495 USD from our affiliate Pocketgear. The second, Spb Kiosk Terminal, provides kiosk mode for Terminal Services Client ans is also available for $495 USD from our affiliate Pocketgear. The third version, Spb Kiosk Engine, can run one or several custom Pocket PC applications in a kiosk mode and provides means to switch between them. It is available for $985 USD from our affiliate Pocketgear. Trial versions are also available.

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