Symbian OS 9.5 announced

Symbian has announced the launch of version 9.5 of its smartphones operating system. Symbian OS v9.5 brings high performance features designed for richer consumer and enterprise experiences as well as significant savings to phone build costs and time-to-market, delivering a truly scalable mobile operating system for the global market.

The new OS promises new optimization features like automatic RAM de-fragmentation, reduction of average RAM usage by more than 25 percent, faster start-up times for both the device and its applications and improved battery life. It also promises new camera features including support for tilt sensors, preset image enhancements, panorama stitching, and red-eye reduction as well as improved connectivity to home computers to improve content transfer. On the enterprise side, it adds Wi-Fi to 3G connection roaming which will allow automatic switch from one to the other and improved calendar and contact management.

Symbian 9.5 will also be backwards compatible with previous version of the 9.x family.

Some 110 million smartphones use the Symbian OS today.

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