The inflatable ergonomic office chair

Doctor Riter's ErgoChair

If you spend hours in your office chair, you know that proper ergonomics are key to avoiding a host of RSI-related injuries. Fortunately, a group of physicians, health practitioners and engineers in Switzerland have come up with a new chair that should help you maintain a correct posture. At the heart of Doctor Riter’s ErgoChair is an egg-shaped flexible ball that allows allows free movement of the body to let it finds its best posture.

To adjust the chair’s height you simply inflate or deflate it. And when you need some exercise, the ball can be detached from the chair. Would your office coworkers really mind if you did a few minutes of Pilates between meetings? After all, it is for your health!

Doctor Riter’s ErgoChair is available for $159.99 USD.

Source: Born Rich

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