The Pod: An alternative to the camera tripod

Red pod for camera

Taking a camera tripod with you is not always an option but there are times when you still need a stable surface to take pictures. The Pod could be the answer. Essentially, it is a small beanie bag(filled with plastic beans) with a camera mount. Attach it to your camera and it can be shaped around a variety of surfaces to deliver a stable platform from which to take your pictures. Made of water-resistant nylon, its bottom surface is also non-slip for additional stability.

It’s ideal for traveling: It’s small and easy to cram into your backpack or suitcase and if you need to travel light, simply take out the filling and refill it when you arrive at your destination.

The Pod is available in 3 versions: Red (the original version measures 12.5cm in diameter and is 5 centimeter thick), yellow (the compact model with a 9.5cm diameter and 3.75cm thickness) and blue (same size as the red but the camera mount is offset to one side).

The yellow pod is available for $13.99 USD for the yellow pod, the red for $16.99 USD, and the blue for $14.49 USD directly from

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