TopStory: Free RSS reader from iambic

iambic TopStory

Iambic has announced the release of TopStory, an RSS newsreader for Windows Mobile and PalmOS devices. TopStory works with the popular RSS (Real Simple Syndication) format that is the standard used by news websites, virtual magazines, and blogs to distribute streamlined content (often without graphics that tend to slow things down). RSS is ideal for the on-the-go reading.

TopStory comes with an intuitive interface tailored for one-handed navigation, a set of pre-loaded feeds (unfortunately Gadgetorama is not one of them so don’t forget to add it), support for embedded images, over-the-air synchronization (for all your feeds or a selected subset), and more.

Best of all, Iambic is offering TopStory as a free download for Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone and Palm OS devices.

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