Ultra-portable Apple notebook to be unveiled at MacWorld 2008?


AppleInsider is reporting that new Macs, including a completely new design will be launched at the upcoming MacWorld 2008 (running from January 15th to 18th). According to AppleInsider, people familiar with the matter indicate that the new form factor will be an ultra-compact notebook.

The new 13-inch laptop promises to be 50 percent lighter and slimmer than the current 15-inch MacBook Pro models. To achieve such reductions, Apple has not included an optical drive. It could also include a solid state drive (SSD). I suspect the latter could be an option as prices remain prohibitive. Or is Apple looking at a hybrid drive (combining Flash memory with a traditional hard drive)?

It is also expected that the 13-inch display will be LED-backlit. This type of display panel consumes less power, runs cooler and lasts longer than traditional panels while delivering improved colour saturation and light distribution across the panel.

Rumours of a new Apple sub-notebook first surfaced last February.

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